Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mmmmmmmm ~ Nisu

We were raised on Mummus delicious Nisu. I have memories of going to her house every day after school and drinking a glass of milk and many pieces of toasted, buttered nisu. There has not been a family event where her nisu is absent. I have tried for years to make it just like her, and to me, it's never the same. But I still practice, and have gotten to the point where at least I am happy with the outcome!
She is 91 years old now, and still making nisu many times a week. She is known for giving them to all of her family and friends, and even at her church, people always look for it. People can come back to town for a visit after many years of absence, and still look for her bread ~ and when she hears this, they are sure to receive a fresh loaf!

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