Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Shower ~ Monkeys!


  1. Hi Kim~ I found your pics while looking through monkey baby shower ideas. Would you mind sharing how you made the pineapple trees? These are just precious and I am giving a monkey baby shower in January~ too bad you don't live closer. :) Thanks.

  2. Sure! I had my husband build a frame type thing for the pineapple trees. I can take a pic. of it maybe and post it or send it for you. The base was a big piece of plastic cutting board material, and he attached some plastic pipe to form the tree shapes. Then I hollowed out the pineapple to within about an inch of the exterior, and placed them over the pipes, and put wooden skewers to hold them together.
    I purchased some greenery from Michaels, and added that to the tops of the pineapple for the true palm tree effect.
    Then I covered the cutting board with a plastic tablecloth, and scattered brown sugar to look like sand.
    Hope this helps a bit? Sounds confusing, but it was super simple. Let me know if you want to see the frame or if you have any other questions!