Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Ultimate in Portable Cupcakery!

What is a LolliCake, you ask? It's only the ultimate in portable cupcakery! Who would of thought you could have a miniature cupcake, with icing, drenched in a crisp shell of chocolate ~ on a stick. Totally portable, always moist, wonderfully delicious!

Many will always love a delicious cupcake, gourmet or not, but for those wanting a modern, fun version of the cupcake, it HAS to be a LolliCake or Lolli~Truffle! Gourmet cupcakes were a hit of the past decade, and may always be the standard in sugary comfort food. Don't get me wrong, I love a good cupcake, especially if it's beautiful And delicious, but the LolliCake is for this decade.

It's the perfect size ~ children can never eat the icing and waste the cake. It's the ultimate in so many ways.

If you haven't tried a LolliCake ~ try one! You won't be disappointed.

Watch here for some exciting new flavors!

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