Thursday, February 4, 2010

LolliCake and Cake Truffle Pricing

~ Pricing ~

Half Dozen Cake Truffles, Boxed ~ $8.00

Half Dozen LolliCakes in Arrangement ~ $10.00

One Dozen Cake Truffles, Boxed ~ $15.00

LolliCake Arrangement with 18 LolliCakes ~ $25.00

Individually Wrapped LolliCakes ~ $1.50 each

Please add $5.00 for local delivery


  1. hey, girl, I wanna order half dozen lollicakes in arrangement to be delivered to Heritage Christian School on Thursday the 11th for Sue's birthday. Can we use a credit card and can you do this? If you would rather not you can be honest with me and decline...not a problem. Just would rather have this from someone I know is good at this stuff.

  2. I can do that. No credit card, but you can just mail a check whenever you get the chance. What flavor? Red Velvet or Chocolate are my favorites:)